Saturday 13th November ore 4.35 pm – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – ground floor


Calcio / Soccer

Gutierre Filmes

BRAZIL 2019, 129 min

Director/Regista: Ricardo Taves and Adriano Esteves

Editing/Montaggio: Renan Ranieri, Marco Carvalho, Christian Bender, Julia Okano, Ian Campbel

Actors/Attori: Zico, J. Jesus, M. Gallardo, D. Alves, C. e G. Batista; R. Caio, P. Marí, Thuler, Rhodolfo, Dantas e Rafael Santos; Rafinha, Rodinei e João Lucas; Filipe Luís e Renê; Willian Arão, Gerson, Piris da Motta, V. Souza e H. Moura; Arrascaeta, E. Ribeiro, Reinier, Diego e Pepê; Gabigol, B. Henrique, Vitinho, Berrío, Lincoln, L. Silva e V. Gabriel

Photos/Foto: Adriano Esteves, Renan Ranieri, Marco Carvalho, Christian Bender, Julia Okano, Ian Campbel

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Sain

Producer/Produttore: Gutierre Filmes

CoProducer/CoProduttore: FC Diez

November 23, 2019 was marked in the history of Flamengo and Copa Libertadores. The first Cup final (47 teams from 10 sudamerican Countries) played in a single game and neutral field consecrating the “rubronegros” as champions of America after 38 years, with an epic comeback over River Plate, at the Monumental Stadium in Lima, Peru. The title campaign is recounted by its protagonists in “The Eternal Gloria”. These are the images of the matches and backstage, as well as interviews with players, former players and coaches from Flamengo and River Plate, before and after the Single Final, bringing names like Zico, Jorge Jesus, Marcelo Gallardo, Franco Armani, Bruno Henrique and Gabriel Barbosa, among others.