Company: RLP Film Productions
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Cycling
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Renato Giugliano
Editing: Renato Giugliano
Photography: Renato Giugliano
Soundtrack: Kur, Azra, Crvena Jabuka, Bijelo Dugme, Henri Salvador
Actors: Dejan Zafirov
Producer: Renato Giugliano
Time: 58 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 3.30 pm Sala Terrazzo


Dejan, a great Macedonian on his way to France, alone with his bicycle and his prosthetic leg, knows no fear and wishes to overcome any limits with his will and the pleasure of challenges. In summer 2009 Dejan defeats his fears and departs, alone with his bicycle, from Skopje, in Balkan’s Macedonian heart, for a long lonely trip to France. A big effort, a new challenge against his own limits, searching for an internal balance but also to prove that life could still be the same, after all. Dejan wears a prosthetic leg, due to a banal accident that took away his limb forever 4 years before, whilst working in an organic farm, in France.