Company: PBR S.a.S. DI Manni Daniela
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Car Races
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Federica Balestrieri
Editing: Cristiano Beretta
Photography: Cristiano Beretta
Soundtrack: SIAE Production Music Libraries
Producer: PBR s.a.s.
Time: 144 min
Screening: Thursay 6th December 3.10 pm Sala Donzelli


The man who lived thousand times. In terms of competitions, of course. Because , as a person, Alex Zanardi hasn’t changed from the the accident he did ten years ago. Journey after journey, he got back to walk, run and with car (in the World superturismo Championship) and handbike (where in the London Paralympics won 2 gold and 1 silver medals), to become host, to enjoy his family and friends.Celebrating this “amazing normality” ten years after a very tragic moment at that time, it gives the measure of Alex’s strenght and resource, but also the opportunity to live again Alex’s most exiting competitive adventure as a pilot. The magic period from 1996 to 1998 when Zanardi conquered and delighted the world oof the USA motoring races. Winning two Formula Cart (the current Indycar) titles smashing records but, above all, making unbelievable achievements beating the laws of physics like the overtaking move on Herta at the Corkscrew al Laguna Seca  on the last lap in the last race of 1996.