Company: A World Of Football ASBL

Country: BELGIUM


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2016

Director: Aurian Delacroix, Joachim Veszely, Matthias Lambrecht, Wauthier Della Faille

Editing: Joachim Veszely

Actors: Abed El Majeed Elnami, Binan Mahmoud

Photography: Aurian Delacroix, Joachim Veszely, Matthias Lambrecht

Soundtrack: Adrien Sepulchre

Producer: A World of Football

Coproducer: RTBF Secteur Documentaire, Wilbur Leguebbe, Annick Lernoud

Time: 4 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  – 20.35 – Sala Terrazzo

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In the Syrian refugee camp Za’atari, soccer is essential in the daily life of people, not only in the education of children, but also because it provides a space for hope for everyone. Inside the refugee camp there are no playgrounds, no games and no balls; in order to make the ball, people use a bag with papers to fill and wrap it up with some clothes. But when they start playing soccer, it seems that they’re back in Syria.