Company: Go2Films
Country: ISRAEL
Discipline: Chess
Year: 2013
Director: Halil Efrat
Editiong: Halil Efrat
Photography: Vitali Karivich
Producer: Lee Yardeni and Aviram Buhris
Time: 70 min
Projection: Friday 6 December – 3:00 pm – Sala Torre









Three weeks of matches on a stage in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, a chess competition hall packed with fans of all ages, a room for the coaches to watch the matches live and work nights for the next round; supercomputers used to bet on the Indian opponent’s next move. A tense battle which ends with a winner and a loser. The second storyline is about education designed to create a genius of chess: it’s Boris’ story, a child who was trained despite not being a genius (according to his mother) to become the world champion. His biography highlight the theme of parenthood, how right is it to choose your child’s path for him and whether there is a price to pay for genius and excellence.