Company: ALX Productions
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Artistic Gymnastics
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Alexander Casu Lorne
Editing: Alexander Casu Lorne
Photography: Alexander Casu Lorne
Soundtrack: Emi Music Publishing Italia,Macchiavelli Music Publishing
Producer: Alx Productions
CoProducer: Alx Productions
Time: 72 min
Screening: Saturday 8th December 3.00 pm Sala Donzelli


Alexia is an 11 years old girl. She looks like a child, like other girls, but she really is not. Alexia is and artistic gymnast. After being terribly disappointed  after a bad performance during a national competition, she decides to completely sacrifice her life (friends and pastime) to her great love: artistic gymnastic. This means letting go a part of her childhood and facing each day the intransigence of a young and ambitious coach spending entire days in excruciating trainings. Alexia is a documentary film that tells the story of love and passion, fascination and spectacularity, a human tale told with the eyes of a young girl who has to overcome her fear of making mistakes, failing and disappointing.