Company: Associazione Sportiva Rugby Milano – Mediafriends
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Rugby
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Giorgio Terruzzi, Susanna Nasti, Marcello Pastonesi, Davide Artusi
Editing: Susanna Nasti
Photography: Gaetano Lombardi
Producer: AS Rugby Milano
CoProducer: Mediafriends
Time: 30 min
Screening: Saturday 8th December 5.30 pm Sala Colonne



Rugby is like life: that’s how one of the boys who star in All Bec describes his first experience with rugby. Like him, many other boys accept to train and to learn something that goes beyond the rules of the game. It’s “the sense of a try”, a project that started in 2008 together with the Chief of the Juvenile Penal Institute Cesare Beccaria in Milan. The challenge: to introduce a sport, based on aggressiveness control, in a group of boys that often have problems managing their emotional and temperamental side. The title All Bec is a tribute to the visit made by the All Blacks Team to the Detention Home. Filmed inside the Beccaria’s rugby field, it has the aim of testifying an educative experience and pointing out its emotions and results that brought, in 2011, to Freedom Rugby Club, the Beccaria’s team entirely formed by juveniles inmates.