Company: Domus Nekretnine
Country: CROATIA
Discipline: Pallacanestro / Basketball
Director: Slavica Šnur
Editing: Nina Velnić
Photos: Mario Sablić; Dramaturg: Marko Hrenović
Soundtrack: Mate Matišić, Jakov Matišić
Producer: Dražen Šnur
Time: 40 min




The Saric family is a family in which every member at one time or another played basketball; a family which is at first sight dysfunctional and always on the edge of quarrel. However, that is just an illusion. Their form of communication is completely natural for people from Dalmatia as it is their temperament and directness. They claim that in their family everything’s “always the same”. Life of these people saturates with penury, hard working, pride and popular defiance. They fiercely fought on basketball courts and are the same way on the “life court”. The result is stable financial situation and numerous awards won in sports. However, even though Dario is famous NBA player, he and his family are still the same: humble, persistent, hard working, noisy, happy and modest.