Company: DEFC – Documentary and Experimental Film Center

Country: I.R. IRAN


Discipline: Horse Riding

Year: 2016

Director: Moein Karimodini

Editing: Moein Karimodini

Photography: Saman Lotfian

Soundtrack: Aria Aziminejad

Producer: Moein Karimodini

Coproducer: Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC)

Time: 62 min

Projection: Sunday 20 November  – 17.50 – Sala Mostre

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Ali is a Turkman horse trainer. Horses are his life. Ilhan is the name of the horse that helped him to win many prizes. Ali is planning to use Ilhan’s and his other horses’ awards money to pay for his wedding, but not everything goes favorably in a course. Ilhan gets in an unexpected condition and Ali needs to fight for Ilhan’s championship.