Company: Deeppei Film Productions
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Climbing
Year: 2012
Director: Mark Ram
Editiong: Godelinde Pollmann
Photography: Aage Hollander
Soundtrack: Big Orange
Actors: Cas Janssen &Waldemar Torenstra
Producer: Milan Collin, Brechtje Smidt (deepei film productions)
CoProducer: Mark Ram, Hugo Konings Konings (Act2Act Studio)
Time: 11 min
Projection: Friday 6 December – 6:25 pm – Sala Torre









Henderson and Morris, close friends, are climbing an alp connected by a rope. Suddently, Henderson falls. Morris falls too and creates a counterbalance. Henderson knows he keeps hanging to the rock as long as Morris keeps hanging. Henderson is hanging four hundred meters above the valley and about eight meters away from the rock. He could probably reach the rock, but the moment he starts swinging, the rope moves dreadfully. It starts snowing. Morris doesn’t respond to Hendersons shouting, he seems unconscious. It darkens and the blizzard is increasing in strength. Henderson is almost losing his consciousness when he sees lights. He tries to shout, but he hardly produces any noise. The blizzard hampers sight. Henderson sees that men got Morris and are trying to pull him down. But they don’t see Henderson. He screams and waves desperately, without result. Men don’t get Morris loose, evidently the rope is stuck. The men seem not to realize that there are two victims, connected by a lifeline. One of the men pulls a knife from his pocket and grabs the rope. He glances at his mate, nods and cuts…