Friday 12th November at 4.20 pm – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – first ground

Calcio / Soccer

Ikaika Media

SPAIN 2020, 7 min

Director/Regista: Raul San Soman Otegi

Editing/Montaggio: Alex Azkunaga

Actors/Attori: Niños Y Niñas Centroamerica

Photos/Foto: Alex Azkunaga

Voice Off/Voce Narrante: Iñigo Markinez

Producer/Produttore: Ikaika Media

A group of boys and girls from different Central American countries have two things in common: their work on the street and their passion for football. They decide to create a soccer team, naming it what they like the most and what unites them: BALON F.C. They have reached the final and face the most decisive move of their lives.