Company: UBC Uganda Broadcasting Company
Country: UGANDA
Section: TV SHOWS
Discipline: Cycling
Year pf production: 2010
Director: Richard Lukwago
Producer: Richard Luwago
Time: 17 min
Screening: Saturday 8th December 3.55 pm Sala Torre


The freelance journalist Richard Lukwago presents a reportage about the construction of bycicles made from bamboo through an interview with the manufacturer of the bycicles from Uganda, explaining their qualities and the building methods. His bamboo bycicles are completely handmade with real bamboo reeds and they perfectly works. Because of the strenght, the hardness and the toughness of bamboo, the bamboo bike is reliable as any other bycicle, using, moreover, raw materials making a common source more valuable and, in the meanwhile, improving the domestic economy.