Company: Lucio Allemand Branco

Country: BRAZIL


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2016

Director: Lucio Banco

Editing: Claudio Tammela

Actors: Afonsinho, Paulo Cézar Caju, Nei

Photography: Tay Nascimento, Renato Laclette, Sinai Sganzerla, Nayana Sganzerla, Rodrigo Alayete, Ian Schuler, Claudio Tammela, Rudá Capriles, Gabriel Bilig

Soundtrack: Banda Capilar

Voice Off: AfonsinhoPaulo Cézar CajuNei Conceição

Producer: Lucio Branco

Time: 125 min

Projection: Thursday 17 November  – 19.05 – Sala Donzelli

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Afonsinho, Paulo Cézar Caju and Nei Conceição started their careers in the mid-1960s, a time of strong political repression in Brazil. Originally teammates of a celebrated generation of the Botafogo football team superstars, they did not give up their freedom when the military dictatorship decided to take control of the field. Club affairs quickly became governed by the same codes already (and arbitrarily so) in force against civil society itself. Afonsinho, Caju and Nei were forced to deal with the club’s behavior manuals, the “Transfer Rights Law” (“Lei do Passe”), the system of training grounds confinement and the control over behavior and activities off the field. Since the military period, all three of them consciously practice civil disobedience.