Sports discipline: Athletics – Shot Put

Production company: Om Production

KOSOVO 2020, 9 min

Regista: Xhemajl Avdyli

Montaggio: Ebu Ramaxhiku

Attori: M. Ramadani, S. Ramadani,  A. Ramadani, X.Tahiri

Foto: Rron Ismajli

Produttore: Xhemajl Avdyli & Rron Ismajli


As a boy, Meti had major health problems: overweight, impossibile to be cured, until his parents decide to orient him in sports, the shut put. Their dream was for him to recover and his father could become a self-taught coach. With discipline, hard work and dedication, the dream becomes true. Meti wins 3 Balkan titles and an European title.