Company: Johanperrierfilms
Country: FRANCE
Discipline: Biathlon
Year pf production: 2011
Director: Johan Perrier
Editing: Johan Perrier
Photography: Johan Perrier
Soundtrack: Davide Papa
Producer: Johanperrierfilms
Time: 37 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 7.30 pm Sala Torre


There are several region Biathlon committees in France whose goal is to train the future French biathlon champions. The most prestigeous of those committes, “Pole Espoir” of the Dauphne committee, is located in the Vercors, a mountainous region abutting the Alps. The young athletes and their coach let us go into their world during one winter season to show us the relentless hours of training, the quest for excellence, and the organization required to excel not only in races but also in school. They have 4 years with Pole Espoir to show their potential hoping to be selected for the famous French National Biathlon Team.