Company: NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Country: JAPAN
Discipline: Boxing
Year: 2017
Director: Shoji Makishima, Xing Fei
Editing: Junichi Saito
Photos: Masami Suzuki
Producer: Satoshi Chiba, Mayu Hirano, Wataru Moriya
CoProducer: NHK, TEMJIN
Time: 50 min




Fiona is a senior account manager for a company in Shanghai that promotes overseas luxury brands. Her days are occupied with international client meetings. Her days are full with nail decorations, expensive clothes, fancy dining and overseas vacations; however, these never brought her satisfaction. Sneaking away from her busy schedule, she trains herself strongly in a boxing gym. Parents didn’t expect much of her and she also failed exams to get in university under excessive academic pressure. A struggle to survive through Chinese competitive society.