Company: Population Culture Development Center,NHFPC &Guangdong Yimin Investment Group Co.Ltd.& WeDoctor Culture Media Co.Ltd.Beijing &Sunshine Media

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Traditional Sports

Year: 2016

Director: Yi,Xiaobin Ming,Chong-bo

Editing: Lv, Pin

Photography: Li,Ting

Soundtrack: Chen,Lei

Voice Off: Jia,Xiaojun

Producer: LiLi

Time: 51 min

Projection: Thursday 17 November  – 16.20 – Sala Mostre

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“Food strengthens body, songs nourish heart and bullfight encourages spirit”: the story of Minority Miao seen through the admiration and respect to the bull through the match named “Oriental Toreo”. During the six minutes of bull fighting not only it is shown the winning or losing, but also reveal the long history of the Hmong cultural and the dependence between people and cattle.