Sports discipline: Soccer

Production company: PepsiCo

USA 2020, 70 min

Director: Michael Zimbalist and Jeff Zimbalist

Editing: G. P. Autran, J. Baese, B. Bichucher, L. Dechtiar, J. Zimbalist

Actors: G.Robledo Gil, Y. Sabbar, R. Alpizar, D. Zabala, F. A. De Carvalho

Photos: J. Duque, J. Fallahi, C. Gottert, F. Pardo, J. Zimbalist

Soundtrack: Alejandro Reyes

Producer/Produttore: J. Zimbalist, M. Zimbalist, C. Gottert, J. Camilo Duque, A. Henry, S.Frechtman

CoProducer: Laura Hernandez, Logan Combest Friedman


Five aspiring great soccer players in their quest to represent their respective countries in the 5v5 2019 championship in Madrid. Exciting portraits of sacrifice and passion, victories and loss, what it takes to be a champion not just on the pitch, but also in life. These five representing Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina play in the name of team spirit, their future and their countries.