Friday 12th November at 5.40 pm – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – first floor

Calcio / Soccer

Lagart Productions

ITALY 2021, 53 min

Director/Regista: Paolo Marelli

Editing/Montaggio: Paolo Marelli

Actors/Attori: Lamin Jarju, GianMarco Duina

Photos/Foto: Paolo Marelli

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Luca Macchi

Voice Off/Voce Narrante: Roberto Marchesi

Producer/Produttore: Lagart Productions

It is a collective portrait about the organization of social football projects in the city of Milan, Italy. The story of the main characters introduces the main topics of the story such as: sport, accessibility, inclusion and the new reality of social football teams. A Popular Championship, self organized by some associations, Italian schools for foreign people, community centres, migrant camps by one side but with the introduction of  4 popular football teams participating in official tournaments. The narration, both collective and individual, is interrupted suddenly by the Covid-19 pandemic. This dramatic experience, which stops everything, including all the sports events, represents the chance to show how important all the football networks are, very much further than the football field for social issues.