Sports disciplines: Downhill Skiing

Production company: Sexy Rexy Productions

USA 2020, 34 min

Director: Brian Colin Foley

Editing: B. C. Foley, J. Zimmerman

Actors: B. C. Foley, S. Brown Carter, D. Flaherty

Photos: L. Borjaille, B. Murphy, M. Robson

Soundtrack: Titus Andronicus, The Muckers, The Dales + Misc.

Producer: B. C.  Foley, E.  Simmons, S.  B. Carter


Rex, alleged star of the American ski team, had it all: talent, speed, charisma, swagger … at least until a skiing accident before the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics cost him his career. Through a series of interviews with Rex, family, friends and other professional athletes, the story of a sports legend that “could have been” takes shape.