Company: Serviço Social do Comércio  (SESC) – SESCTV
Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year of production: 2014
Director: Ugo Giorgetti
Editing: Paulo Mattos
Photography: Walter Carvalho
Producer: SescTV
CoProducer: Televisión America Latina
Time: 10 min


There is a club, one of the founder of the São Paulo Football Association, which has remained just a photo, forgotten in some archives: it is Commercial Football Club. It had no stadium, training field or supporters, it just had an office in a building which had been destroyed in the center of São Paulo. Now FC Commercial is a ghost in its own city. Who managed the club?Where are the Cups and the Trophies? Losing and seeing things disappearing is normal in the daily life in São Paulo. Bringing to light the FC Commercial story is like recovering a São Paulo from an already-buried world.