Company: Lake Film
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Diving
Year: 2018
Director: Luca Alessandro, Allegra Bernardoni
Editing: Alessandro Visani
Actors: Wazib, Kante, Milad, Ingrid Monacelli, Martina Farruggia, Andrea Ottavi
Photos: Luca Alessandro
Soundtrack: Stefano Panuzzi
Voice Off: Paolo Masini
Producer: Federica Simonetti
CoProducer: Giuseppe Milazzo Andreani
Time: 15 min


The “Blue Helmets” of the Sea are a one of a kind Project. Founded by CMAS (World Underwater Federation) and Supported by ANVCG (National Association of Victims of War and Poverty) it aims at helping Migrants fully integrate in their new Home by teaching them the values of Sport, Environment Preservation and Historical Memory. This helps the kids that have often experience traumatic experiences to see things with new eyes. Even the Deep Sea that was once the murderer of their friends and family is now easy to manage and source of amusement for them: a way to be more in touch with nature, society and historical heritage.