Saturday 13th November at 2.30 pm- Fondazione Riccardo Catella – ground floor

Tennis Tavolo / Table Tennis

Symage Media

CANADA 2020, 24 min

Director/Regista: Oussayma Canbarieh

Editing/Montaggio: Martin Durand

Photos/Foto: Laurent Vu The

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Music supervisor: Suad Bushnaq

Producer/Produttore: Symage Media and CBC

Dima and Osama Juha met and fell in love in Syria, where they both trained as competitive para-athletes at a gym Osama owned. In 2017, they settled in Hamilton, Ontario as refugees. Through every challenge, Dima and Osama’s love for each other and their family keeps their attitude positive, from their commitment to their sports — Dima in table tennis, Osama in weight lifting and basketball — to their passion to bring para-sports to people with disabilities. Dima dreams of competing in table tennis at the 2020 Paralympic Games, encountering several obstacles but also a supportive community that rises up to help her.