Company: Shang Guang Chuan Mei Beijing Co. Ltd
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Winter sport 
Year: 2017 
Director: Zhonghua Zhou
Editing: Qian Qiao, Tong Zhou
Soundtrack: Juanyu Ran
Producer:Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
Time: 2 min 


The Emblem of Olympic, used throughout the whole work. Children inspired by the Winter Olympics, teenage skiers and skaters to athletes who compete on the Olympic stage. A Beijing 2022’s vision to encourage more Chinese people, especially the youth, to take part in winter sports.  The other work features Para athletes and their inspiring athletic performances, and shows the beauty of the Great Wall and sceneries in Zhangjiakou, highlighting what the emblem embodies – the Paralympic spirit that aims to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence.