Thursday 11th November at 11.30 am – online

Vela / Sailing

Hanzhou Ergeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

P. R. OF CHINA 2020, 10 min

Director/Regista: Zhaojingqi

Editing/Montaggio: Zhaojingqi

Photos/Foto: Wangzanpeng

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Wangmingda

Producer/Produttore: Zhenglong

CoProducer/CoProduttore: Donglu


In a well-off society the relationship between parent-child emerge where five children with special talents teach their most outstanding skills to their parents in a short time, completing a report on the content of the performance, showing the current positive, loving, harmonious Chinese traditional family.  The pursuit and exploration of upward parent-child relationship.