Company: Beijing Olympic City Development Association, CCTV Movie Channel, Beijing Universe Starlight Culture Media Co.,Ltd.
Country: CHINA
Discipline: Badminton
Year: 2013
Director: Tian Bo
Editing: HuangBojun
Photography: Zhou Zheng
Soundtrack: Zhang Shu
Actors: Li Yongbo, Li Gen
Producer: Wang Pingjiu, Su Zhihong
Time: 10 min
Projection: Thursday 5 December – 3:25 pm – Sala Expo









The true story of Li Yongbo, a famous head coach of China’s national badminton team and his son Li Gen: they are not only father and son, but also master and apprentice. The father had won the crowning glory for his Country, but was also questioned by the public.

The eighteen-year-old son suffered the booing of fans and the criticisms and questions from the media and the public because of his repeated defeats. He had setbacks because of the immense stress so much that he even could not play.

The father always dreamed that his son could become one of the one hundred of world champions trained by himself before his retirement. When he saw that his son was in such a negative spirit, he told him some touching memories at the right time…