Company: DW – Deutsche Welle

Country: GERMANY


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2016

Director: Matthias Frickel, Jana Schäfer, Constantin Stüve

Time: 26 min

Projection: Sunday 20 November  – 19.40 – Sala Terrazzo

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Paris: the Eiffel tower, one of the romantic spot where all people would be and dream about.  What happens when European Soccer Championship overwhelm the town? How does Paris view the Euros? It’s about interviewing  Parisians in order to understand which “Nation” they support. The butcher who loves “Equipe Tricolore”, the Chinese woman with a Germany flag, Portuguese volunteers that are going into ecstasies for  Cristiano Ronaldo goal match. In the only Icelandic bar in town, a woman has her heart divided in two: half is for her hometown, Iceland and the other half for her French beloved.