Sports disciplines: Various Sports Universiade

Production company: Film Commission Regione Campania

ITALY 2020, 22 min

Director/Editing/Photos: Simona Cocozza

Soundtrack: Stefano Gargiulo, Carmine Terracciano

Voice Off: Bruno Cufino – Waterpolo Development President

Producer: Film Commission Regione Campania

Sport emotions and passion lived from the sidelines; through the eyes of who struggles, suffers and exults, maybe more than of the same athletes: them coaches. A comparison between  the thoughts of who carries on their shoulder decades of experience, and  the young athletes’ emotions who take part in, usually for the first time, worldwide event such as the 30th Summer Unversiade in Napoli 2019. Athletes, kids and the entire delegations of different states and continents meet on the field. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these images full of people seem like a dream, an  utopia. However, sport gives us the biggest teaching: the failure is like a victory, you lose to get back up, to find out again the strength, the bravery and the passion to come back and win.