Company: Game Short Film
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Basketball
Year: 2017
Director: Jeannie Donohoe
Editing: Saira Haider
Actors: Rick Fox, Nicole Williams, Tye White, Jamie McShane, Dominique Columbus, Michael Purdie
Photos: Paula Huidobro
Soundtrack: Deron Johnson
Producer: Joey Horvitz
Time: 15 min




AJ Green, a new kid in town, shows up at the high school boys basketball varsity tryouts and instantly makes an impression. Coach takes notice, and so do the other players, some of whom feel threatened by the newblood. The school’s team is excellent—second best in the state—and this is the year the coach plans to win it all. AJ proves himself on the court and clearly has talent, heart, and drive…as well as a big secret.  Will AJ make the team once the players and coach discover the truth?