Company: Pixelasia Productions Dili Lda
Section: 500 SPORT & SOCIETY
Discipline: Athletics
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Lena Lenzen
Editing: David Bochu
Photography: David Bochu
Soundtrack: Soundscape, La Folie Records
Actors: Augusto Ramos, Joventina Napoleao
Producer: Lena Lenzen
Time: 26 min
Screening: Sunday 9th December 4.25 pm Sala Terrazzo


Two Timorese marathon athletes in Japan.  Their challenge goes beyond the participation to the Tokyo marathon 2012 and the qualification for the London Olympics 2012 and it is embracing the obstacles hidden in the different and really distant Japanese culture staying with a Japanese guest family in a little village close to Kyoto. A story about friends, fighting spirit and food.