Company: Estação Elétrica Produção de Cinema e Video
Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year pf production: 2007
Director: Rene Goya Filho
Editing: Drégus De Oliveira
Photography: Pablo Chasseraux
Soundtrack: Artur de Faria
Producer: Paula Gastaud
Time: 16 min
Screening: Thursday 6th December 10.10 pm Sala Colonne


A man who created a Country. It is the story of a man who created a Country and its biggest creation which gave identity to a Nation. We are talking about the Brazilian soccer national team’s yellow jersey, created by Aldyr Schlee, a native gaucho, from Rio Grande do Sul. The object got its meaning as well as its mythic strengh from Brazilian soccer’s conquests throughout the world, especially after the 1970’s World Cup. At the same time, the player who wore the jersey, like Carlos Alberto Torres, Falcão, Tafarei and Larry Pinto de Faria, speak about the construction of this myth and its meaning in their lives.