Sports discipline: Skiing Freeride

Production company: Movio Sarl

SWITZERLAND 2020, 1 min

Director/Editing: David Arnaud

Photos: Freeride World Tour Archive footage/David Arnaud

Soundtrack: Ridgeline Sound Canada

Producer: Freeride World Tour SA / Movio

CoProducer: Movio

“Highlighting the partnership between Audi and Freeride World Tour, “Genesis” blurs the line between sports and art. Behind every skier’s line on the Freeride World Tour there is an idea, an inspiration, a vision – just as much as it is the case for a visual artist. In both worlds imagination plays a central role. It is no coincidence that competitors on the Freeride World Tour talk about “drawing lines” or “imagining lines”: before existing on the snow, their lines exist only in imagination. The mountain is them canvas.”