Company: Radio Television Hong Kong
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Cycling
Year pf production: 2012
Director: Shirley, Lee Nga Yun
Editing: Wong Yiu-wai
Photography: Yi Chiu-kwan
Soundtrack: Rex Cheung
Voice Off: Choi Hui-wai
Producer: Hermia Leung
Time: 23 min
Screening: Saturday 8th December 5.45 pm Sala Torre


The World champions of cycling are always from the western Countries. The gold Olympic medal is a dream for all the Countries in the world. The Hong Kong Cycling Team has vied for a decade under the leadership of coach Shen Jin-Kang. “Development of elite athletes is itself a highly competitive program. There can’t be improvement without competition.”, said Coach Shen. The Olympic spirit drives the team to excel working at their best.