Company: Real Grupa

Country: CROATIA


Discipline: Skiing

Year: 2015

Director: Bruno Kovaevi

Editing: Robert Petrinec

Actors: Janica Kostelić, Ivica Kostelić, Ante Kostelić

Photography: Sandi Novak, Ivan Cvirn

Soundtrack: Boris Novkovi, Nikša Bratoš

Voice Off: Željko Tomac

Producer: Krešimir-Renzo Prosoli

Coproducer: Hrvatska Radio Televizija

Time: 98 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  – 15.00 – Sala Donzelli

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It is about the story of the most successful sport family in Croatia, the Kostelić family: Ivica and Janica Kostelić on their road to success, from their early age to the finish line of the 10th Olympic medal in Sochi. This is a story about enormous sacrifice, poverty but also will and persistence that their father and coach, Ante, set to be the standard since the very beginning. On the journey to win 20 world medals they underwent a total of 17 surgeries.