Sports discipline: Surf

Production company: Red Bull Media House GmbH

AUSTRIA 2017, 84 min

Director: Michael Oblowitz

Editing: Paul Buchholz, Carter Slade

Actors: N. Fletcher,B. Bielmann, W. Brown

Photos: Erik Ippel, Brian Bielmann

Soundtrack: Christopher Cibelli, Jonathan Miller

Producer: Douglas Kaplan, Philipp Manderla

CoProducer: Paul Buchholz, Cesario Block Montano, Carter Slade


The surfer Nathan Fletcher talks about the evolution of surfing and his relationship with big waves. Tracing his lineage back to his grandfather, one of the pioneers of Oahu’s North Shore, Fletcher and other fellow surf and skateboard legends share their personal view on some of the iconic moments of the sport that shaped surfing as we know it today. A look into surfing culture and its roots, where the deep ties between surfing and skateboarding is shown once again when Nathan performs the never before done “Acid Bomb Drop” in big waves, a manoeuvre borrowed from skateboarding and involving assistance from a helicopter.