Company: WDR TV
Country: GERMANY
Discipline: Sailing
Year pf production: 2009
Director: Wiel Verlinden
Editing: Gisela Koschytorz
Photography: Oliver Gläser and others
Producer: WDR
Time: 45 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 4.30 pm Sala Terrazzo


Boris Herrmann: “We suffered, hardly slept and fought to the very last minute, but we realised our dream!” For nearly nine months and around 48,000 km, Boris Herrmann and Felix Oehme – both 27 years old – drove their small racing yatcht over the oceans. Their goal: to win one of the toughest sailing regattas around the globe. The two extreme sailors live a competition against their fiercest opponents from Chile in storms and calms, joys and sorrows. During the trip, that includes incredible highlights from Southern Ocean and rounding Cape Horn, Boris and Felix explain their motivations for willingly taking on such trials.