Projection: Sunday 7th December – 5.00 pm – Sala Expo
Company: Bureau NY
Country: USA
Discipline: Filed Hockey
Year: 2014
Director: Ilja Willems
Editing: Anne-Lotte Medema
Photo: Remco Bikkers
Soundtrack: Misha Buwalda, Kasper Koudenberg
Voice Off: Bureau NY
Time: 35 min


An aging men’s field hockey team from the south of the Netherlands that has been playing together for over 50 years. A decade ago, when they celebrated their 60’s birthday together, they decided to play their very last game when they’d turn the age of 70. And now the time has come. For some the goodbye comes too early, others are glad they don’t have to chase the 65 year old opponents any longer. A lifetime of playing sports together also means attending each others weddings, seeing each others kids grow up and eventually attending each others funeral. It is a film about male friendships, about aging and not being capable to do all the stuff they used to do. Fortunately, growing old is easier when you are doing it together.