Company: VIB-Film
Country: RUSSIA
Discipline: Biathlon
Year pf production: 2005
Director: Kubitski Viacheslav
Editing: Kubitski Viacheslav
Photography: Mikhail Yorkin, Igor Muravyov
Soundtrack: Vladimir Visotsky, Viacheslav Kubitski
Voice Off: Klukvin Evgeniy
Producer: Kubitski Viacheslav
CoProducer: Golikov Vladimir,  Bogatyrev Evgeniy
Time: 52 min
Screening: Friday 7th December 7.15 pm Sala Colonne


Aleksandr Tikhonov, 4-time Olympic and 11-time world champion, is considered “the best biathlete of the 20th Century” and his hard nature and desire for victory sign around the biathlon world. There is an episode in his life, which he himself does not want to remember frequently. In the late 90s, he was charged with attempted murder of a Russian Governor. A story  about the legendary biathlete’s successes, from childhood to the most difficult days in his life, passing on  his days of sports fame and glory. Today, nobody knows how really this tragedy happened, but Alexander Tikhonov reveals this secret.