Company: TVP SATVP Sport

Country: POLAND


Discipline: Track and Field

Year: 2015

Director: Sylwia Michalowska

Editing: Adam Kawiak

Actors: Danuta Bujok

Photography: Robert Jazdzyk

Soundtrack: Joanna Fidos

Producer: TVP

Time: 11 min

Projection: Friday 18 November  – 18.15 – Sala Donzelli

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Danka Bujok is 27 and has one simple dream – she wants to run! She discovered the joy of sport not long ago because she had never attended a physical education classes at school. She thought it was impossible in her case: when she was a child her leg was amputated and since then a prostheses has made her walking possible. Poverty, difficult childhood and lack of information about the sport of disabled people were the reasons for Danka’s loss of several years of possible trainings. Now she wants to catch up on that and fulfill her dream by entering a competition during the Paralympic Games in 2020.