Company: Elefant Distribution

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Soccer

Director: Vito Palmieri

Edting: Corrado Iuvara ( A.M.C.)

Actors: Giulio Beranek, Malich Cissè, Gianni Lillo, Franco Ferrante, Nicola Giustino, Pino Matera, Nicola Vacca

Photo: Giorgio Giannoccaro

Soundtrack: Daniele Furlati

Producer: Articolture Srl

Running Time: 15 min


The Italian National Football Team doesn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup. A group of friends decides to have their own “World Cup” on the main square of their town in the South of Italy. They ask people to participate representing their home countries. However, an Italian national team made by immigrants insists to be the Italian team as well. Two Italian national teams compete then in one “World Cup”. Who will be the winner?