Company: And So? Productions srls
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Fencing
Year: 2016
Director: Enzo Musumeci Greco
Editing: Enzo Musumeci Greco
Actors: Andrea Pellegrini, Renzo Musumeci Greco
Photos: Enzo Musumeci Greco
Soundtrack: Moby
Voice Off: Renzo Musumeci Greco
Producer: And So? Productions srls
Time: 30 min



In June 1992 Andrea Pellegrini, promising Italian champion of the fight, returned to the barracks after a license when he was run over by train at the Lapispoli station. A train that ripped off his leg, but not his dreams. Fencing is recommended during rehabilitation to restore prosthesis. The beginning is very hard, but thanks to his determination and the support of the Musumeci Greco Accademia d’Armi, he did not stop pursuing his dreams.