Company: Secretariat of Tehran International FICTS Festival

Country: I. R. IRAN


Discipline: Weight-Lifting

Year: 2016

Director: Mostafa Dalai

Editing: Morteza Sadeghi

Photo: Mostafa Dalai

Soundtrack: Mostafa Dalai

Voice Off: Morteza Sadeghi

Producer: Alireza Ghane Esmail Poor, Mostafa Dalai

CoProducer: Sport Channel

Time: 47 min



Iranian heavy weight-lifter, Behdad Salimi, just 20 days before Weight-lifting world championship which will be held in America faces severe injuries. For sure he cannot attend this world championship and there are rumors that he might not be able to go to Rio for the Olympic Games. He just has 8 months to heal and it seems is not enough. The other issue is that from which country will be the medical team working on his knees …