Company: Atera Films

Country: SPAIN


Discipline: Jai Alai

Year: 2015

Director: Gorka Bilbao

Editing: Ht Mintegia

Photography: Zigor Etxebarria

Soundtrack: Audience & El_Txef_A

Producer: Jose Luis Barredo, Berde Produkzioak

Time: 101 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  Р18.20 РSala Terrazzo

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It is the incredible story of the Jai Alai, a variation of Basque pelota, through its most iconic characters. A great many similarities can be drawn between the biography of the characters and the actual history of the Jai Alai: beginnings in humble surroundings, huge successes all over the world in pelota courts packed to the hilt with publics and losses of identity due to adapting a traditional game to societies with completely different values.