Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2010
Director: André Iki Siqueira e Beto Macedo
Time: 97 min



Player, coach and journalist, João Saldanha (1917-1990) has always been a “fighter”. The valor he exhibited in the field, in the short period in which he was a player, led him to accept the position of coach of the same team in which he played, Botafogo. Although he had no experience, he won a state championship in 1957. He was also one of the most feared and controversial sports commentators of his time. Militant of the Brazilian Communist Party since the 1940s, he had become a stranger in the nest of the CBF in the middle of the dictatorship President Ernesto Medici. João Saldanha was the coach who qualified Brazil for the 1970 World Cup.