Sports discipline: Cycling Mountainbike

Production company: Say Mahalo

GERMANY 2017, 3 min

Director  – Editing: Susanna Kosa

Actors: Alexa Hüni, Claire Fiebig

Photos: Nikolai Sevke, Susanna Kosa

Soundtrack: David A. Molina “A thousand years”

Voice Off: Lo Rivera

Producer: Say Mahalo, Susanna Kosa

CoProducer: Nikolai Sevke

“Life’s short, they say. But…maybe it’s just long enough, if you live it right.” This is a variation of thoughts from the philosopher Seneca who, basically said, that if you live a fulfilled life, it doesn’t matter how long it lasts. Reading his words left such a deep impression that I knew it was necessary to make art out of his thoughts. Yes, it’s two girls mountain biking, but the message is transferable to everyone, no matter which activity you choose outdoors.