Saturday 13th November at 10.00 am – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – first floor

Calcio / Soccer


ITALY 2021, 54 min

Director/Regista: Stefano Tammaro e Edoardo Bellino

Editing/Montaggio: Anna Chiara Sepe

Actors/Attori: Carlos França, Nicola Legrottaglie, Evaristo Beccalossi, Mauro Milanese

Photos/Foto: Stefano Tammaro

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Marco Fabrizi

Voice Off/Voce Narrante: Alfonso Pecoraro, Mattia Sonnino

Producer/Produttore: Andrea Natale

It is the story of a journey from Brazil to the Italian province. The story of a man, Carlos Clay França, who chased his dream, suffered from a bad disease and got up, but it was thanks to faith that he found himself. The story of the “Bomber di Dio” spans two continents and half the Italian peninsula, where he became the player to have scored the most goals in the decade 2010-20. He’s now a coach. His journey is about sport, sacrifice, love and rebirth thanks to Faith in God. A universal story, as football is, but above all a victory on and off the pitch.