Company: La Montagne Dans Le Sang chez Monsieur Fabrice Huré

Country: FRANCE


Discipline: Athletics – Ultra Trail

Director: Cyril Portanelli

Edting: Cyril Portanelli

Actors: Fabrice Huré

Photo: Cyril Portanelli

Soundtrack: Emotive Muzik

Producer: Cyril Portanelli

Co Producer: Fabrice Huré

Running Time: 56 min


Waiting for a kidney transplant and dialysis for over 22 years, Fabrice is a passionate sportsman who has great love for the mountain. He has to undergo a haemodialysis for 3 nights a week in Rennes, since 2002. Fabrice decided to take an exceptional challenge for a dialysis patient, by starting the mythical “Diagonale des Fous” on the Island of La Réunion. This is the Bourbon Trail, of 112km and its 6500m of elevation gain. The virtuous circle of long dialysis nocturnal is approached in parallel with the particular sports preparation for an ultra-trail. His everyday life, his friends, his doctor, his days before the race, the motivations that leads him to this great adventure.