Projection: Sunday 7th December – 7.40 pm – Sala Terrazzo
Company: Eurosport
Country: FRANCE
Discipline: Cycling
Year: 2014
Director: Laurence Schirrecker
Editing: Olivier Morice
Producer: Laurence Schirrecker
Time: 12 min


Greg LeMond: 3 times Tour de France winner. Double World Champion. One of the biggest living icon of cycling. Since 10 years and due to his battle against Lance Armstrong, the American champion has completely stepped out of the cycling world. His appearances were rare, his words even more. For Eurosport, Greg LeMond makes his come-back as the channel new cycling ambassador. “LeMond of Cycling” is a monthly show about Greg’s thoughts on the current cycling season. The first episode is about the story of his come-back and his impression on the cycling Paris-Roubaix.