Projection: Saturday 6th December – 10.00 am and 4.30 pm – Sala Colonne
Company: Giuseppe Fassino
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Rugby
Year: 2013
Director: Gughi Fassino
Editing: Marco Duretti
Photo: Gughi Fassino, Tommaso Buzzi
Soundtrack: Tony Puja
Producer: Daniele di Gennaro per Minimum Fax Media
Time: 57 min


It is the story of La Dorla (from Piedmont dialect, “the weird”) the first rugby team, entirely made up by inmates, to be admitted to play an Official championship (third category of the Italian rugby league). Thirty-five inmates, one coach, five days training a week and the game on Saturdays. The team is not there, every one plays for himself and they hardly understand the rules. But as time goes by, team-mates tell their story, they slowly bond together in and outside the field. And their performance improves as well. In spring time first wins. Life in jail starts flowing smooth, and with it the hope. Legs running toward a “Try” and the biggest is freedom.