Company: Yi Xiang Media Co. Ltd.
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Monoski
Year: 2018
Director: Feng Ji
Editing: Li Fan, Liu Yang, Li bao
Actors: Zhong Chengzhan
Photo: Wang lu, Chen Chunshi, Wang Longsheng
Soundtrack: Bei Jing Music In Eyes Culture Communication Company Limited
Voice Off: Wu Jiang
Producer: Feng Ji
CoProducer: Liu Ying
Time: 25 min




Zhong Chengzhan is an outdoor sports lover. In a skiing trip in 2013, an accidental injury caused his spine break paralyzing the lower limb. The wheelchair did not stop his eager for freedom. With the help of his friends, he began to use monoski, hoping to find the feeling of free, however the difficulty is beyond his imagination. He trained so hard and a new dream appeared, he went to the US to get more professional skiing study. Manager of a big company with one thousand of employees, how can he balance his work and his dream?